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Guilt-Free Game Day Goodies

The crisp smell of fall is slowly coming through the muggy summer we’ve been having. Or maybe I’m just fantasizing it. Either way, the only other smell that could be wafting through the air is probably just food. A lot of food. Football season has officially ramped up from preseason to its full blown, fantasy-points-accruing, cheers-and-tears-yelling, junk-food-eating glory.

Oh wait. Junk food. Well, there’s a problem.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Good-for-you food can also be TASTY food. (I know, it’s this whole new thing.) When I started to explore and incorporate the #nsng lifestyle, it wasn’t just for the fad of torture “let me just stop eating sweets and carbs,” but rather, “How can I be skinny have a better lifestyle?” I wanted a better lifestyle for myself, but I didn’t want to let go of yummy food.

Traditional game day foods can be especially hard, since they’re typically shared, and/or you’re in an environment where people are bringing all kinds of high carb, high sugar, high ‘all-bad-things’ dishes AND asking if you want anything, early and often.

After searching across the world wide web (mostly just Pinterest), I have compiled a list of great options that you can bring to the next pot luck. Or, better yet, host the next big game!

Pin for later!

Feast your eyes, and taste buds, on the following list of yummy, guilt-free foods you can share while you’re rooting on your home team (or just trying to rack up those Fantasy points. Because even when you’re losing, you’re winning, amirite?)


My take on getting caramelized heat without having to clean a grill afterwards! These Hot Wings will be ready to be devoured in just 15 minutes!

Speaking of buffalo chicken… Everybody loves a good buffalo dip and this Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip from Gimme Some Oven does NOT disappoint! This recipe incorporates Greek Yogurt so you feel slightly less guilty about inhaling the dip. With celery sticks, of course.

Most people know them as “deviled eggs” but in my family, we call them “angel eggs.” (Get it? …) I have a pretty easy recipe I promise to share another time, but here’s a classic 'devil egg recipe' from Hamilton Beach (and, yes, we totally use their egg cooker because it's super easy!) that decorates the eggs into cute little footballs! Go Team!

So I’m obsessed with cheese. I especially love Parmesan cheese! This uses a tried-and-true method of melting little stacks of parm, but using cupcake cups before they cool completely to create little cups! This recipe from A View from the Fridge (how cute is this name BTW?) is for “BLT”-styled Parmesan cups, but you can truly put just about anything in these amazing little cheese-cups!

Speaking on “parmesan cups” – use those to substitute for the won ton cups in this recipe for the NSNG version of this super yummy bite from Damn Delicious! Guacamole & Cajun shrimp in one bite? Yes, please!

You can’t have a “Healthy Foodie List” without cauliflower-substitutes, honestly. But of all the ones out there, these Cauliflower Pizza Bites from Wicked Spatula are the most legit for game day snacking. Growing up, I loooved those little pizza bagels (even though they would melt to just the bagel which, mysteriously, was always still frozen… anyway…) Here’s your adult replacement. One of my favorite parts of this recipe is that you don’t have to worry about getting *all* of the water out of your cauliflower (easily my biggest issue with using cauliflower as a sub). You can also add whatever toppings you want for the filling to fit all kinds of taste buds! Score!

A crowd favorite, just like its cousin ‘Buffalo Chicken Dip’, you can’t seem to have a game day spread without a few options to dip into and Lexi's gluten-free 7-Layer Taco Dip is a must! I recommend placing this with the Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip, and then having several little ‘stations’ of veggies and (if they’d like) chips set up around them so people can scoop and dip easily.

With fall, comes pumpkins. But also sweet potatoes! Make the most of this fall favorite by incorporating it into your next Sunday Funday and whip up these yummy Chipotle Chicken Sweet Potato Skins from Half Baked Harvest! (And they reheat perfectly for lunch the next day. You’re welcome.)

P.S. You may find some natural sugars in real food (tomatoes are guilty of this, which is why you’ll always see grams of sugar on the back of tomato sauce jars but there will be no signs of ‘sugar’ listed in the ingredients). In my book, this is OK. Added sugars? No thanks. As with all recipes, whether Pinned or seen on TV, feel free to adjust yours to fit your diets and preferences.

Happy eating!

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