9.11.01 Always Remember

Every year, on this day, I take a moment to think about and remember September 11th, 2001. I was sitting in my Algebra class (Mr. Hogan) when a classmate walked in, saying that she heard "the White House had been bombed". We were in trailers, disconnected from the main building at the time, and just went through the rest of class, not really knowing.

My next class was AP History, which was in the main building. Our teachers had been told to keep the televisions off, but I remember my teacher, Mr. Krimmelbein, said, "This is history. This is important."

I remember how he turned on the TV, and we saw the first building smoking while the news was reporting the "accident." Then, on live TV, I saw the plane. I saw it going towards the building, and I remember thinking, "There's no way..." but it did. It hit the second tower, and we knew in that very moment that America had been attacked.

I remember the bell ringing, and no one left their seats. By the next class (or few classes; I don't really have any sense of time at this point to be honest), Mr. K had several classes' worth of students and teachers in his classroom, watching the news and trying to make sense of the senseless.

I remember trying to call my parents from my Nokia phone, but it took a few times to connect because the phone lines were tied up with all the other kids and adults trying to reach each other at the same time.

I remember that second plane more vividly than any other part of the day, so I hold onto that memory, and the back-to-back feelings of disbelief, sadness, and -- ultimately -- unity that followed.

What do you remember?

Never forget.

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